Meet Dr. Chakilam

Dr. Santhosh 'Shilpa' Chakilam, MD

Dr. Chakilam is a board-certified internist, and a Howard University Hospital graduate (2016), Washington DC. Dr. Chakilam is a very compassionate physician specializing in internal medicine and is committed to serving the community with the highest medical standards while personalizing care for every individual patient through her primary healthcare services. 

To realize these efforts, she offers both in-person and virtual appointments. She is highly regarded for her empathy and nurturing a well-balanced doctor-patient relationship. She is always willing to start on a personal journey that brings the best results for her patients. 

Whether you need help with managing your chronic illness over time or require an immediate check-up for your urgent needs – Dr. Chakilam has well-established processes to onboard your requests and initiate your treatments.

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